Copenhagen brunches.

In my opinion, Copenhagen is one of the most underrated cities in the world. From time and again, I still get questioning look from people whenever I say that Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities in the world. Some even go so far as asking, “Where is Copenhagen again? Is it in Europe?”. That’s how […]

The miserable Copenhagen.

Note: I am in the midst of writing a very happy post about London, but really have to intercept with this little ranting just because I was having a very bad day. And publishing it to the whole world to see somehow makes me feel better. Strangely. Perhaps it was because my closest friends here […]

Jeg Elsker Danmark.

(Translation: I love Denmark.) If there ever was a statistic collected on how many times a person visits Denmark in their lifetime, I probably would be an outlier, at the FAR high side. Having visited the country four times over the past five years and meeting the PRINCE once while visiting (OKAY, I will stop […]