10 photos from Marina Bay, Singapore.

Sometimes you wander all over the world and forget what you have at your doorstep.

Almost two months ago, I came back to Singapore (not for good) after living abroad for over 10 months. Over that period of time, I saw many sights that left me in awe and took countless pictures of landscape and architecture in other countries.

I was so absorbed by the beauty of faraway land that I almost forgot the breathtaking views that Singapore has to offer. One of Singapore’s most prided sights is Marina Bay, a waterfront enclave made of reclaimed land and surrounded by an impressive line of skyscrapers. And honestly, it is way up there among the world’s most beautiful.

It of course took two friends visiting Singapore for me to remember and appreciate what I used to have literally at my doorstep for the three years I was working at Marina Bay. While showing them around Singapore, I took the opportunity to retrace the steps that I took hundreds of times previously, sometimes walking on my own, sometimes jogging or sometimes strolling around the Bay while chatting for hours with a friend.

And of course, this time round, I brought my camera with me to try and capture the lovely walk we had. The weather was great that day, albeit very warm and stuffy, with clear night sky and the moon shining brightly.

So here are 10 photos from that evening.

We started with the Gardens by the Bay in the late afternoon.


And I was quite taken by these heart-shaped leaves.


Here is a closer look at the futuristic trees. They are massive.


These are the not-so-private rooms at the Marina Bay Sands hotel.


The said impressive row of skyscrapers.


The moon peeking out in between the columns at the Sands Hotel.


A classic view of the famous architecture from across the water. Please note that this whole structure, including the massive shoppes underneath with an area big enough to fit a Boeing 747 fleet, was built on a piece of reclaimed land.


The building where I spent most of my time when I was working in an investment bank.


Did I say that the moon was shining very brightly?


And finally, we ended the walk by walking through the Helix Bridge, which will remind you very much of a structure of a DNA.


The whole place, with the buildings, the water and the lights, was even more beautiful than I remembered. Perhaps absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

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