Naughty in Bali.

Since Bali rained on me on my first day here travelling solo, I had nothing to do apart from enjoying my hotel suite. It was a classic example of a beautiful accident – I was just looking for the best deals for hotels in Agoda and not even realising that I had booked a hotel suite for myself.


So I wasn’t complaining that I had to be stuck in my room for the whole afternoon. But when night came and it was time for dinner, I grew a little restless. Since the rain had stopped, I decided to venture out for some food. I was contemplating whether to be adventurous and tried something new, but thought better of it and decided to be safe and sinful. I went for Naughty Nuri’s Warung, an amazing BBQ pork ribs restaurant that I visited during my last trip to Bali in September, and this time I was going to have a whole rack for myself!

There are two chains (I think) of Naughty Nuri’s Warung in Bali. I have only tried the ones at Ubud and Batubelig in Seminyak. I preferred the taste and atmosphere of the one in Seminyak. The one at Ubud is more traditional since it seemed to be the original branch. The Batubelig branch, however, is more modern and decorated with a sense of sarcastic humour, reminding me a little bit of Warung Mbah Jingkrak in Jakarta. They will sometimes even have the waiters and waitresses dancing if you order some of their special ‘shake’ cocktails. So the atmosphere is always very lively there.

Ubud branch
Ubud branch
Batubelig branch.

To be honest, I wasn’t as mindblown as the first time I tried the pork ribs back in September. However, it was still really good nonetheless – the meat tender and succulent and the BBQ sauce sweet. I had a side dish of sweet potatoes as well that I almost finished myself (I know I’m greedy!), but it was average and wasn’t as good as the potato wedges.

You would also smell exactly like this slab of ribs after eating there.

For travelling solo, this place is not the most comfortable to have your meals alone since people tend to come in large groups. I had to share my table with a group, and I realised that had I looked foreign, I would probably get less questioning look from people. Ever since I arrived, everyone that I met could not quite grasp the fact that I am here on my own without any company whatsoever. I guess it is pretty uncommon, but I’m having a great time here, so I have learned not to care. And with the prospect of eating yummy pork ribs, I guess you should not let a few questioning stares deter you from having it. 😉

They should replace humans on street signs with pigs!
Plus, you get a bonus of seeing this cute street sign.

So do come here, especially if you are with a group of friends looking to have an awesome time. But if you are a girl travelling solo, you can either have the ribs for takeaway, or, as long as you don’t mind looking greedy, I’m sure your stomach will be happy anyway.


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