A visit to the British High Commission.

I think I have a thing for royalties, and I would like to think that my paths cross with them quite a lot.

And by a lot, I mean my one-time encounter with the Crown Prince of Denmark in 2012. And then last week, I was invited to an event at the British High Commission for the second time.

Okay I know the High Commission was no prince. And I mean he was not even there during the event. But how often do you get to visit a colonial office house in Singapore that has the Queen’s insignia in it? And also where Prince William and Kate Middleton paid a visit last year?

So I thought I would give you quick tour of the pretty mansion situated right in the middle of Singapore. Since I was not quite sure whether I was allowed to take pictures, I just did what I could so hopefully you’ll enjoy this little glimpse of the House.

When we came into the house, we were greeted by a pretty garden and the house was located after a little drive-in.

It feels like being transported into sunny little Britain.
It feels like being transported into sunny little Britain.

Right at the entrance of the house, you’ll see the Queen’s insignia. And we just had to pose with it.


As you enter the house and turn to the right, you’ll see this wooden staircase. Pardon my blurry picture but at the turn of the staircase, there is of course a painting of the Queen herself.

I was trying to balance a plate full of food and hiding my phone screen at the same time while taking this picture.

And if you turn right, you’ll reach this cosy living room.

2013-05-17 12.31.33 There is quite a great deal of painting of the royal family as well hanging on the walls.

2013-05-17 12.31.42And this is one table that has many photographs of the High Commission with super famous people, including Prince William and Kate Middleton when they were visiting Singapore.


There were a lot more interesting things scattered around the place. I saw a Twinings teapot, the High Commission’s son’s football shoes, some silver collection, more pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but sadly I did not dare to take more pictures there.

And I just hope the High Commission will never chance upon my blog. Imagine going to the net and seeing someone giving a write-up tour of your house…

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