Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding live in Singapore.

As you can tell, I haven’t been travelling for a while, as testified by the number of ‘throwback’ travel posts and an increase in the content of ‘When Not Travelling’ category. It is not necessarily a bad thing since this gives me time to write my past travels before some interesting facts fade permanently from my memories (I have a lot to catch up, I’m not kidding you!). Staying put also gives me opportunities to enjoy what Singapore has to offer.

In this case, seeing world-famous celebrities live in action. Singapore is a really good place for that. With generally law-abiding population and world-class security, watching concerts is relatively safer and less life-threatening compared to countries like Indonesia, where overexcited people have proven to cause deadly stampede. I consider myself very lucky to be able to catch both Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding in the same week!

Taylor Swift’s Red concert was nothing short of amazing. She was an incredible performer and her whole concert felt like a very perfectly-planned show. Her script was very well prepared and the transition smooth. It is no wonder that her two shows in Singapore were both sold out. I spent painfully a lot to get my seats, but it was worth it. Amidst the crowd of screaming teenagers, I felt like one again and I’m not embarrassed to admit that my throat felt a little sore the next day for singing (screaming) along to her songs.

Although I am slightly more embarrassed to admit that I did go hysterical at the first sight of her shadow.

But I mean it's Taylor Swift!
But I mean it’s the shadow of Taylor Swift!

Thanks to Google’s Auto Awesome feature, I get to show you some of the coolest scenes from the concert.

“Someday I’ll be living in a big ol’ city.”
“Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone.”

I did scream my lungs out at her final act of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” for an encore afterwards, but there was none. 😦

I guess the song said it all.

After such an impressive performance, I was a little worried that Ellie’s show might be a let down. Not only was her concert much less publicised, but the venue was also certainly not conducive for a big scale performance. But I could not have been more wrong. Ellie’s concert may be different, but it was absolutely AMAZING, in a uniquely Ellie sort of way. Taylor was demure and girly and her whole concert felt planned while Ellie gave this carefree and spontaneous sort of cool-girl persona.

Isn't she cool?
Isn’t she cool?

Instead of screaming teenage girls, the theatre was full of everyone dancing and simply enjoying her music. I mean, how can you not dance to ‘Burn’?

Ellie rocking the stage.

I was really thrilled that she performed most of her hit songs. One of my favourites was the acoustic rendition of the song Beating Heart’ from the soundtrack of Divergent. ‘Anything Could Happen’ and ‘Goodness Gracious’ simply got everyone jumping and dancing.


I thought my seat during Ellie’s concert wasn’t too bad either. Although it was not as close to the stage as the one I paid for the Red concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium, I could take in the whole atmosphere of the theatre better.

The signature ‘Lights’ cue.
I'm addicted to Ellie's songs now (and Google Awesome photos)
I’m addicted to Ellie’s songs now (and Google Auto-Awesome photos)

Ellie, if you ever miraculously read my blog, please take this as my sincere apology for having ever doubted you at all. I absolutely had a blast!

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