The beautiful Copenhagen.

Whoever wrote this post about the miserable Copenhagen must have hacked into my WordPress account and written an entry in my name. No one in their right mind would ever hate Copenhagen.

I mean, how could you not love it when the people there are so nice? When I desperately needed some coins to change, a shop attendant went around the department store to find someone who had some coins for me so that I could buy my metro ticket from the machine. Or the friendly guy in Baresso who did not mind when I paid him using 1000 kroner note for a 48 kroner ice-blended chocolate drink and he ended up using up all his change for that morning. And he kept assuring me it was fine and wished me a great day after that!

A drink from my favourite coffee chain in the world.

On a beautiful day, you will be treated with a view like this right in the city centre at Nyhavn, which happened to be my favourite harbour in the world.


And you could have breakfast with the amazing view by the harbour (although I could not finish my food in the end since the bees were especially aggressive and they were attacking my jam, cheese and tea!).


It also just happened to host one of the coolest events, the Badminton World Championships, which I had the privilege to attend.

Watching my favourite sport in the world, badminton.
Watching my favourite sport in the world, badminton.

To make things even better, I bumped into my Danish badminton friends there whom I haven’t seen in 4 years!

A happy coincidence. :)
A happy coincidence. 🙂

A selfie with the World Championship bronze medallist Viktor Axelsen isn’t too bad either…

Poor Viktor had to practically kneel down to fit both of us into one picture.

Even when it was cold at night and raining, the street of Strøget sparkled like a star-studded night sky from these randomly placed lights.


It was even better when you discovered it while walking with a new friend who was really nice and shared the same passion for sports.

(Strøget is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe by the way, although not THE longest :)).

So I could never have written such a horrible post about Copenhagen.

Fordi jeg elsker København.


Because I simply love Copenhagen.

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