Copenhagen on mobile.

I am back after more than a month of silence. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, and I haven’t changed a single bit. I have probably been smiling a bit more and have played chess for what possibly is only the third time in my life.

I'm not really playing chess here though.
And WIZARD chess too!

But other than those, I am still the same. I still love to travel, write, chocolates and cakes. I am also still as forgetful as ever. Remember the time when I wrote about how I still don’t know how to pack properly even after having done extensive travelling over the past few years? Well I still don’t. And during my last weekend trip to Copenhagen, I managed to add to the impressive list of things that I have forgotten to pack: my camera.

It was not as if I could have forgotten it at a worse timing. The weather was great in Copenhagen, the sky was blue and it is not as if my mind kept drifting to my camera sitting comfortably in my school bag in Aarhus and wondering how great the pictures would turn out with a proper camera.

I guess the only thing I could do was to suck it up and make do with what I had at my disposal.

So here are my attempts to capture one of my favourite cities in the world with nothing but my phone camera.

To me, Copenhagen of course always starts with Nyhavn.


And it extends to the canal tour where there was some rowing going on.


And then took a picture of my travel buddy with a camera far superior than mine.


We visited the headquarter of Maersk, the biggest shipping company in the world, while at it.


This church and the fountain on the way to Little Mermaid were gorgeous.



I did forget to take the picture of the Mermaid though…

Although this would be my sixth visit to Copenhagen, I still haven’t ticked all the important tourist attractions. This is why I visited a new place this time, Helsingor.


Which is a pretty and quaint little town by the sea…


For none other than the Kronborg Castle.


It had the best exhibition inside.


And okay, a great view everywhere.

cph201511 cph201513

When we got to Tivoli, I gave up taking pictures since my phone was practically useless in the dark. I did somehow managed to snap this pretty photo of Tivoli lights though.


So even with the arguably minor setback of not having a camera with me, Copenhagen was still perfect, as always.

For more pictures on my adventures in Europe, you can follow my Instagram @missruslee.

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