Millefeuille at Café de la Paix, Paris.

It is my last day here in Paris after 2 weeks of awesome family holiday (which I still have a lot to write on), and I have some time to spare before my train from Gare du Nord to London in 3 hours’ time. It is lunch time and raining – a sensible person would have taken this opportunity to go to a nice café to sit and have some proper lunch before catching the train.

Unfortunately (or fortunately in this case), I’m not a sensible person. I went to a nice café alright, but instead of having a sandwich or salad like a normal person would, I decided to have dessert for lunch.

Café de la Paix was recommended by a friend of mine and his exact words to me were: “If you have the time and money to spare, please go to café de la paix and order a millefeuille.”


I did have the time and just enough money to choose between a salad or a millefeuille for lunch. I obviously chose the latter.

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Europa bound (and Jay Jay the Cat).

I realised I haven’t been the most clear at conveying messages. I have every now and then for the past few weeks spoken about me going for my “trip of the year”, having to apply for visas, travelling some few thousand miles up north, receiving train ticket passes, etc. But never have I explicitly told you what I’m up to with all those ramblings. I guess if you put two and two together, you would probably have figured it out, but let me just write it down once and for all.

I am now in Europe (Paris, to be exact) and will be in this part of the world for the next five weeks.

I’m really excited since this is the first time I’m going for a long trip ever since I started this blog. I will try to update this space as often as possible with things I observe, the sights I love, the mistakes I make along the way, the things I eat, the places I stay, or simply how I feel about a particular thing.

But first, let me introduce you to my new friend here in Paris. Meet Jay Jay. She is one of the hosts at the apartment where I stay for my first night here.

2014-07-27 05.46.54 2014-07-26 12.53.54

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