The streets and flowers of North Berkeley.

During my last week in Berkeley, one of my favourite things to do was to wander aimlessly through the streets of North Berkeley.

Although the city is famous for the UC Berkeley campus and hipster street of Telegraph Avenue, my first impression of Berkeley would always be this.

The quiet street.

Not to mention how fiery it turned one magical sunset in March.


So it was only appropriate that I said goodbye to the city by taking my time to admire everything about the neighbourhood.

I admit though, that there isn’t much to write about the day. I roamed around for hours, just lost in my thoughts, mostly wondering how did time fly so fast. And taking  pictures of flowers. A great part of admiring North Berkeley is the flowers, along with the Victorian houses that come with them.


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The many faces of San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of those cities that is very hard for me to define. No matter how many times I visited the place (thanks to my stint in Berkeley, I had the privilege of living 45-minute BART ride away from THE San Francisco), I never felt like I got to know the city well. Perhaps it was my fault that I hardly spent a full day there just to explore – I normally visited San Francisco when I was meeting a friend or if I had to go there for a reporting assignment. But maybe it was the city’s ‘fault’, that it just had so many different things to offer.

In the end, I gave up that internal battle in my head and came to accept that it was just the way things were. Perhaps, San Francisco is just like that intriguing friend of yours who always shows a different side every time you see her. She’s not someone you are meant to figure out and fit into a box. She is just that, San Francisco, with its many facades.

She is as much the Victorian buildings that form the Seven Sisters…


As the skyscrapers at Market Street.


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First attempt at wedding photography.

By the way, I’m still alive.

I did not fall into depression or anything post five weeks in Europe as I had expected. I’m alive and kicking, just sorting a lot of things back home after being away for more than a month.

I still have a few posts unfinished about my trip and a lot that I have not started yet. But I will give you a little break from me yapping about Europe and show you one of the things that I was busy with after coming back.

A few weeks before I left for Europe I agreed to help my friend shot some pictures on her wedding day. I had to say it did not go quite as planned as I found out on the day that the zoom button on my camera was broken. Coupled with the fact that I had zero people photography skills and no idea how to do the settings in my camera, they were really signing up for a disaster by asking me to do a favour.

Well, the raw pictures did turn out to be some kind of a disaster. But coming back from Europe kind of gave me a renewed sense of creativity and hope that I suddenly had this urge to try salvaging the pictures using some of the most basic photo editing apps I could find in Windows App Store.

The results: I have to say I am rather pleased with myself. Since I’m probably not going to branch out into a career in photography, let me show you some of the before and after pictures and how Adobe Photoshop Express has basically saved my life and made my friends’ day.

(I have to say it was a good thing that both my friends were good looking people who could pose naturally. I think half of the reason why they could still turn out well is due to their happy faces!)



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