Lost and found photos from Europe (and Taylor Swift).

Yesterday felt like a day of second chances. When my brother announced a few months ago that his laptop got stolen along with his camera SD card which contained pictures from my family’s Europe trip last summer, I was pretty bummed. I spent weeks after that trying to get over it and trying not to think of what pictures in there that I would never see again. Of course, the more I tried, the more I would remember what were in there.

So when my brother told me yesterday that apparently his SD card had not been lost with his computer, I was thrilled beyond words. After an unbelievably long week for so many different reasons, my spirit was considerably lifted up.

I have then decided to take the initiative to back up all these photos into a few different places because really, how often do you get second chances?

Well as it turned out, you may get second chances twice in a day! Just a few hours before this happy discovery, my friend managed to get us tickets to Taylor Swift’s Red Tour in Singapore – a concert that had been sold out the first day the tickets were on sale and because we did not sit and wait in front of our computer to purchase them, we did not get our hands on them. However, since her sold out concert in Bangkok is cancelled due to the political situation there, the organiser had decided to hold another one in Singapore and voila! the tickets were miraculously available again. We snatched them up in no time and I am going to see Taylor Swift live in Singapore on 9th of June!!!


Anyway, I have digressed. What I really want to show you through this post are some photos from my brother’s camera that I’m glad could see the daylight again.

So let’s start with my photo looking naturally lost at Copenhagen Central Station. I guess this is how I look most of the time, with my close-to-nonexistent sense of direction.

Bearing in mind that this was probably my 50th time there.

This rather pretty and royal picture at Frederiksborg Slot, where I saw the painting of Crown Prince Frederik.


This photo of me trying pointlessly to communicate with this grumpy looking dog in Helsinki.

Though he looked more scared of me than anything.

I love these colourful flowers in Helsinki. Summer in Europe is the best!

I was genuinely scared that the bees would mistaken my skirt for the flowers.
I was genuinely worried that the bees would mistaken my skirt for the flowers.

My dizzyingly polka-dot choice of outfit in Stockholm.

europelost7My mom and sister looked ready to disown me because of that.

europelost8My epic-fail jump shot photo after the 10th attempt at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Compare this with the cool-looking ones of my siblings who did their poses so effortlessly.

I suspect it had a lot to do with my photography skill more than anything.
I suspect it had a lot to do with my photography skill more than anything.

And finally, this photo of me thanking about 50 kids lined up in front of me at King’s Cross Station. They allowed me to cut the queue and take picture with the Platform 9 3/4 before them because my train was leaving soon. Although very embarrassed, I was very touched by this awesome gesture from these fellow-Harry-Potter-fan strangers.

europelost9So here you go. See you on board of Hogwarts Express!


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