Header of the Month: Myanmar Theme Song.

The view that inspired it all.

I recently rediscovered a hidden ‘talent’ of converting famous songs into parodies. Although I can’t share the one that I composed two days ago just yet (since there is a high chance I might get sued by someone), here is one that I wrote and dedicated to my awesome trip in Myanmar last December (which I had to sing and dance to on our last night there, thanks to the request of my demanding friends and travel mates).

Please play the Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ in the background, to fully appreciate this song.

The Epic Myanmar
(Inspired by the song ‘Circle of Life’)

From the day we arrived in Mandalay
And blinking step into the sun
There’re more temples than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done

There’s far too much capcai we eat
With fried rice, pork curry and noodle
But then in Bagan we got diarrhoea
Mbak and Tika* never fell sick at all

In the epic Myanmar
And it moves us all
Through sickness and health
Through cold and hot
Till we reach Yangon
On the path so winding
By the JJ, the JJ Express**

(Chant repeatedly)
Shwedagon Silomani Patho
Shwegugyi Bupaya Bago
Inwa Amarapura

It’s the epic Myanmar
And it bonds us all
Through sunsets and rain
Through the kampongs***
Till we meet again
In a trip just like this
Like in Myanmar, the epic Myanmar

*My friends’ names
**The bus company we used to travel from Bagan to Yangon
***Malay word for villages

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