Sound of Music re-enacted, in Salzburg.

As we were entering Salzburg by train, my mind was already firm with a conclusion: Salzburg is my favourite city in this trip.

Never mind that we are only halfway through the trip and we still have the whole of Switzerland that we haven’t seen. But how can you not declare your undying love for a place when coming in the city by train you pass through green hills and mountains studded with small cottages? Also, this was the city where the Sound of Music was filmed, a movie that I practically grew up with. So my premature conclusion was perfectly justified, really.


Immediately in my mind, I was humming the lyrics of ‘My Favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten
Bright copper kettle and warm woollen mitten
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things…

We were greeted by sunny weather and clear blue sky, a perfect weather for us to go about the city in bikes. We had places reserved for all of us with the Frauhlein Maria Bike Tour, and check out the post card view that I snapped at the start of the tour.


Everything was perfect.

Up until the point when we saw ominous clouds approaching when we were at one of the squares.

The sky went from clear blue to this in a matter of minutes.


On hindsight, I should have hummed a different song from the movie. It seemed to take the line ‘RAINDROPS on roses’ too seriously since it then started pouring, really hard. And that was right when we were approaching the most difficult terrain of the tour, going uphill to the church where the Captain and Maria got married. After that, for the next hour, everything was a blur with me getting all drenched while pushing my bike up the hill to putting on ponchos that seemed to keep flying off whenever I cycled to me wishing that my glasses had wipers to clear the rain water that kept blocking my view.

But still we pedalled on and I’m sure glad we did because the rain eventually slowed into mere drizzle and we could start enjoying the sights again properly.

About time too as we reached the building that they use as the back of the von Trapp family house complete with the lake where Maria and the kids fell into the water.


Looking at the state of us, we might as well have fallen into the lake too.

Next was my favourite part of the tour, the front of the von Trapp family house. Knowing me, there was no way I would be content with a normal demure picture by the gate.


A hill kick (or an attempt of it) was obligatory.


We then cycled down the road with gorgeous hills at the side while singing Do, Re, Mi.salzburg10

I shall not give too much spoiler of the tour, but I would highly recommend it especially if you are the Sound of Music fans. It’s a great way to see the city, come rain or shine, but just remember to bring your own ponchos!

At last, I just have to show you my favourite picture of my family’s re-enactment of the scene in the movie.

This is the original.


And this is us.

salzburg8 (2)

Close enough, right? 😉

3 thoughts on “Sound of Music re-enacted, in Salzburg.


    The Salzburg’s Sound of Music tour I did back in 2007 was possibly my favouritest thing out of ALL my Europe’s adventure ever! So glad you and your family enjoyed it! So sorry to hear about all the rain eeks so unlike Europe to be raining so much at this time of the year! Hope things are working out for Copenhagen, let me know! xxx

  2. Totally agree with you!!! I super love the tour. Even with the rain we still had a great time. And seriously it’s been really hot in the morning and raining like crazy pretty often here.

    Miss you xx

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