I will let you in on a (public) secret: I got myself a new job.

As of yesterday, I have started working as a business development analyst in a finance-tech startup company. Which means I have LOTS of things to learn, having done nothing in the business development/sales before and being very technologically challenged in some ways. Which means I will have 12 days fewer paid holidays than my previous job. Which means I have to plan more strategically the use of these. Which means that I probably will not travel as much (for leisure, at least) in the foreseeable future.

Yes, you read that right. TWELVE fewer days of travelling at my own will. That’s like five whole countries gone in an instant, if I follow my latest Europe travel pattern.

But it also means that I’m enjoying myself a lot in my new job, venturing into unchartered territory in my life and getting out of my comfort zone, so it feels a bit like travelling, really, the whole excitement and uncertainty of what lies in front of you, and meeting new people from various background.

And who knows I might get to travel to interesting places to work. Fingers crossed for that.

But worry not. I still have around 5 years’ worth of travel stories that I have not written yet, so I will not run out of things to say.

And in the meantime, just want to share some pictures from the madness from the last day of my previous job, including beautiful mobile phone photography that my sweet friend took for me. Enjoy!


The state of my desk!
My favourite pic from the night.
My favourite pic from the night.
Or maybe this.
Okay, definitely this. :)
Okay, definitely this.Β 

Ah, memories. πŸ™‚

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