Singapore Formula 1 weekend.

Once a year Singapore gets a major influx of tourists. There is no prize for guessing why.


While half of me is really glad that I do not have to shove through with the crowd and spend the whole night in an unbearable humid and warm weather, as I’m looking at the eager-eyed tourists wearing the passes, the other half of me does miss the fantastic weekend I had almost exactly a year ago, being pushed around, getting all sweaty and sticky but at the same time be part of the heart-racing and deafening night race excitement.

So here is me joining the hype by reminiscing my favourite moments at Formula 1 weekend exactly one year ago. And hopefully you will see why you should go to the Formula 1 at least once, especially if you live in Singapore.

  1. The first time I saw the cars whooshing past me, the feeling of hearing the sound was quite unlike any other. Even with earplugs I suspected that I could go deaf if I had stayed too long, but I like the heart-racing feeling that came with it. This year, however, with the new engines, I could not really hear anything from even a short distance away, which to me kind of took away half of the excitement of watching Formula 1.
    f12013 1
  2. Seeing this full moon while walking about on the first day of the race. Not that you can’t enjoy this view if there were no Formula 1, but you know what I mean.
    f12013 5
  3. And the next day watching the Killers’ concert under the moonlight.
    f12013 7
  4. Taking some touristy shots at the podium.
    f12013 2
  5. Finding out that we could actually have some affordable food at the racing complex, even more so that my favourite chicken rice in the whole of Singapore was there too.
    f12013 8
  6. Stepping onto the Bay Grandstand to discover that our seats came with the amazing view of Marina Bay.
    f12013 3f12013 6
  7. And that we could see the fireworks when Vettel crossed the finished line and won the race.
    How can this place be boring?
  8. Finally, just in the company of awesome friends, even though Rihanna’s performance was a major disappointment.
    f12013 10

Bonus: You will get some memorable keepsakes, like the checkered flag, the race passes and some rubber that may or may not belong to Sebastian Vettel’s car.

f1 2013 11So whether you are a fan of the sports or not, watching the night race would definitely be a one-of-a-kind weekend in Singapore.

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