Forgotten moments of 2017.

I haven’t been able to write for weeks. I don’t know why but words just do not seem to flow anymore.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve blocked out time to just sit down and write. I have sat down and gone through my hard disks full of pictures over and over again to find inspiration. I have opened the Everywhereist and reread old posts more than I care to admit. But nothing seems to work. Nothing has yet spilled on this screen, no moment of sparks that made me go ‘aha’. Even if I had set myself a topic to write, I opened up my blank canvas, browsed through the pictures that I could potentially use, and did not feel inspired to write.

So the only way left now is to address the elephant in the room: the writer’s block itself. I have decided to look at the gargantuan problem straight into the eyes and say, “Hey I acknowledge your presence. Now can you please get the heck out of here?”

And I know that it’s not because of a lack of stuff to write. I have so much that I want to share with you from the countless trips that I took over the past two years. But I guess this being a travel blog, I sometimes find it inappropriate to share about my past trips when I’m technically not an active traveller anymore, at least for now.

And when I looked at old pictures from this year (yes all those travelling days felt soo long ago), I was surprised at how much I have forgotten, and there were even pictures of myself that I did not recognise. It felt much like when I was reading “The world this year” section of The Economist’s Christmas Special edition. I kept saying to myself “I can’t believe this happened earlier this year.”

So here are some of those moments, the forgotten pictures that have been part as much a part of 2017 as those that I had somehow remembered more vividly.

A picture of pure happiness of me at a Copenhagen Metro station. My happiness knew no place.


Exploring the Notting Hill Bookshop with my gorgeous friends.

nye2017 6

A sneaky snap of Karl Marx’s tomb after the Highgate Cemetery closed for the day.

nye2017 3

This random barista smiling at my camera at the London Coffee Festival.

nye2017 4

The moment I caught these people posing exactly the same way at the UCL campus in London. (Okay I might have asked my friend to pose to fill in the empty bench).

And I got caught red handed by this lady who wasn’t very happy about it.

The French presidential election at the French Embassy in London.

nye2017 2

Shopping at the Peckham Salvage Yard, aka the day we realised we were no hipsters.

nye2017 5

The happiest I’ve ever looked eating vegetables.

nye2017 7

And finally the photo when I did not run back in time for our self-timed photo in Swansea.

nye2017 8

When dark clouds are hanging over you, it is often easy to forget that not so long ago, you were that happy. Looking at these pictures was as a reminder that perhaps not so long from now, the dark clouds will get blown away, and you can be that happy again.

Thank you 2017 for being quite a year: a year of missteps, missed moments and most importantly, a year that I would never forget.


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