Catching the tail end of Copenhagen summer.

Copenhagen, again, always.

I have been away from this blog way for way too long.

What started out as a one-month break from writing to “collect myself together” after somewhat traumatising few months has turned into a ten-month long case of a writer’s block.

My last post was 1 January this year.

In my defense, I did try to come back at the one-month mark. I have an unfinished draft from February as proof – and by “draft” I meant that I clicked on the  “new post” button and failed to come up with a title nor a single word to write. I even tried writing about my writer’s block in May, which was supposed to help writers get the words flowing again, but that didn’t help either.screenshot

I have even travelled to London (and Birmingham) in the meantime, but even they didn’t inspire me to write again.

It took a trip to my most beloved city Copenhagen to get things started again. The moment I landed at Kastrup Airport, I was miraculously already itching to write.

I have lost count of how many times I have been to the Danish capital. Yet, every single time, Copenhagen still finds new ways to charm me.

I came right at the end of the summer. Or as some people told me when I was there, summer returned for a few days just to greet me.

You’re welcome the inhabitants of Copenhagen, for the extra days of warmth and sunshine.

I took advantage of it by revisiting familiar places.


Seeing some old places from a different perspective…

Strøget from Illum’s rooftop.


And discovering new ones, such as by walking along the beautiful seaway at Sydhavn.


And struggling through a random field to cut our way across.


The clear days made a perfect backdrop for some hygge time with friends…

Just kidding, all you need for hygge is a glass (or two) of delicious cider and the lovely friend.

And friends who have practically become your family.


It is an amazing feeling that a place so far away can be so familiar to you. I love knowing where the nearest Føtex is, what my favourite brand of granola is, how to get to Christiania from the Christianshavn Metro without having to consult Google Maps…

And at the same time, I love noticing new details about the streets that I have walked through so many times. I love the fact that every time I’m back, there is still a new part of the place for me to discover.

The only thing I hate about coming to Copenhagen is the feeling when I have to leave Copenhagen eventually.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind even if the sky in Copenhagen was overcast during those days.

It was far from sunny on my first day there, but I still want to remember every detail of it.

Mandatory Nyhavn shot.

Because grey Copenhagen still trumps not being in Copenhagen.

cph3 (2)Sometimes you have to look back to where it all started to remind yourself of why you love the things that you love.

And for me, there is no better place to look than Copenhagen. It was after all the place that started it all – my love for travel, my starting this blog (eventually), and my nine-year long love affair (and counting) that makes me believe that maybe, just maybe, some things will never change.

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