Header of the Month: You Are My Free Spirit.

It is funny that the moment I published a post about me not travelling for a while, the universe seems to be stopping me from not travelling through clear and literally very beautiful signs.

First came face to face with me when I was tidying up the stuff from my last day madness.


This travel diary was designed and personalised for me by a really talented friend of mine as my farewell gift. She took materials from different things that she had and put together something so meaningful and creative. Everything on the cover reminds me not to lose my sense of wonder, no matter what. Isn’t this amazing?

(And if you would like your very own personalised diary, notebook or anything scrapbook style, I’m in the midst of convincing this wonderful friend of mine to seriously consider making a business out of this since you’ve got to agree with me that it takes a lot of talent to put this together. So watch this space, I will broadcast it here once she starts on it!)

As if this was not enough reason for me to keep travelling, a package arrived in my mailbox that makes me completely speechless. On my last day of work, I was given a slip of paper to say that my main farewell gift is still on its way and will be delivered to my doorstep. I know that it shouldn’t come to me as a surprise since it was stated there what the gift would be. But still, when it eventually reached, I did not expect it to be so stunning.


The travel purse, personalised with my name, has two note pockets, six card pockets, zipped coin purse, two open slip pockets, and most importantly, it also comes with a matching passport cover. I mean I can’t even start to describe how this would solve so many of my travelling problems and that IT IS FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!

And I can’t even thank my wonderful manager enough for this gift. She is seriously the coolest person in the world!

It would seriously be a travesty not to travel again after receiving these two amazing travel gifts. Am I the luckiest girl or what?

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