Why Bath is beautiful.

Up until two months ago, the city of Bath was a huge mystery to me. Every time I mentioned I was visiting London, everyone would throw in a casual question on whether I would be visiting Bath. And whenever I said I was not going to, they would say that I should since Bath is very beautiful. Now, even though I do agree we live in a beautiful world, ‘beautiful’ to me is the most non descriptive word to describe a place. It tells nothing about how a place looks like. To me, this is what a beautiful place is like.

Denali National Park, Alaska.

And so is this.


So I decided I just had to visit the place myself to see what all the ‘beautiful’ fuss is all about. It was a day when I needed a little break from London, and Bath could not have been more of a perfect place to go and clear my mind. I took the train from London Paddington and arrived slightly less than two hours later. (I missed the original train that I intended to take because I stayed on my bed a little too long). bath1beautiful sight greeted me. bath2 To be honest, I can’t blame all those people for describing Bath as beautiful. The whole place seems to be accentuating the very adjective with its flowers, architecture, nature and structure. It just kept getting better… bath3 And better… bath4 I simply adore these flower posts. bath5The city itself did not seem too big, I felt I could walk anywhere. It seemed like the right thing to do considering you will chance upon even more beautiful things along the way. In my case, the first thing I did was to walk and hunt for good food to eat. I have read a lot of things about Sally Lunn, but the waiting time was way too crowded that I decided to visit the tea shop across the path (I wanted to say street, but it was too narrow to be one). bath9 And had a delicious creme tea set for one. bath10 After I was well fed and content, I realised it was time to leave Bath. I had planned (paid for) a trip to Stonehenge right in the middle of the day (which will be a separate post on its own), so I spent a good 4 hours away right when I was starting to love the city very much. Luckily, when I came back, the sun was still shining and I could catch a few more things before it was time for my train back to London. I took a stroll slightly further away from the city centre, to visit the Circus and the Royal Crescent. bath7 bath6Along the way I saw my favourite sight in Bath, the seven dwarves’ house, or so I chose to call it. bath8In a city so small, I still managed to find a way to get lost. I was weaving through some streets to get my bearing again and walked right into this orchard or Lower Common East Allotments as the sign said. After checking that there was no ‘NO TRESPASSING’ sign, I decided to explore a little bit. bath13 bath12The sun was setting by that point in time and I just had to do this.


By the time I found my way back, it was starting to get quite chilly and I was having half mind of skipping the Roman Baths altogether and just relaxing at some cafe and enjoy a plate of hot fish and chips with hot chocolate to wait for my train. But something in me did not seem to agree with that idea. Instead I got myself a cold ice cream and visited Roman Bath. 20140823_191201_Android I’m sure glad I did it. It was somehow the only museum that I had the patience of listening to the audio guide from the beginning till the end. It certainly helped that it was beautiful too. bath14

Beautiful at night too.
Beautiful at night too.

And you have historical characters such as Minerva, which of course reminded me of Prof Minerva McGonnagal from Harry Potter. bath18Of course, last but not least, a cheeky picture with a ‘Roman’ guard, who was impressively in character. bath17By the time I was leaving, I did not want to leave. If you ask me how Bath is like? I would tell you, it is indeed beautiful.

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