Header of the Month: The New Year and January.

Just dropping a quick line in this space before my personal new year.

I think I should totally win the award of being able to come up with legitimate excuses to be MIA from my own blog. I gave myself a three-week project at the end of December to pull something through. It has unexpectedly been extended to a fourth week now, but it is really the final stretch before I could finally announce what it was, hopefully with some good news. Anyway, this was why I have been absent from the blog because the project involved a lot of thinking and some writing, and I practically exhausted my brain cells and word count each day in the process.

As if as a reward for myself upon finishing this last stretch of the project, a friend of mine invited me to watch Michael Buble concert (OMG!!!). The same friend who posed as my ‘boy lunch date’ and presented me with this too-pretty early birthday present!


My heart also did a little somersault yesterday when I received this in my mail box, the same somersault that always happens whenever I receive an envelope addressed to me that are not bills and bank statements, or pretty much whenever I see something London-related.


(Handwritten cards are my favourite so much so that I’m making this my Header of the Month. :))

On another front, things have taken an interesting turn this year when I’m officially not the only girl in the office anymore.

Somewhat related to work, Bitcoin price has been sliding and sliding… I tried to create a hashtag on twitter for #jiayoubitcoin, but seeing I only have 7 followers there, it doesn’t have quite the same impact as #IllRideWithYou. In fact, the prices plummeted even further, oops.


I’m telling you these random stories because I’m trying to build the suspense for the best news so far. I’M GOING TRAVELLING AGAIN VERY SOON!!! So you’ll have real travel updates pretty soon and not just flashbacks of travel stories that happened months or years ago. (I’ll still do that though whenever I remember something interesting, but doing that the whole time makes me feel I’m an impostor travel blogger or something).

So there you go, flashes of updates in my life at the moment. Wish me luck for this last stretch of the project!

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