Header of the Month: The New Year and January.

Just dropping a quick line in this space before my personal new year.

I think I should totally win the award of being able to come up with legitimate excuses to be MIA from my own blog. I gave myself a three-week project at the end of December to pull something through. It has unexpectedly been extended to a fourth week now, but it is really the final stretch before I could finally announce what it was, hopefully with some good news. Anyway, this was why I have been absent from the blog because the project involved a lot of thinking and some writing, and I practically exhausted my brain cells and word count each day in the process.

As if as a reward for myself upon finishing this last stretch of the project, a friend of mine invited me to watch Michael Buble concert (OMG!!!). The same friend who posed as my ‘boy lunch date’ and presented me with this too-pretty early birthday present!


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To the Future.

Some girls go shopping. Some others indulge in yummy food. But for me, the way to let off some steam is by travelling.

So you can tell that I have had a really long week when my upcoming travel count has increased from 1 to 4 in just one week. The first one is as early as this weekend, going slightly north to Kuala Lumpur. Never mind that I only know 3 out of the countless artists performing – Future Music Festival Asia, here I come!

Rumble in the Jungle

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