The friendly strangers of Taiwan.

There were a lot of things to remember from my trip to Taiwan.

Like this warm curtain of wool at Cingjing.


Or the awesome travel partner in this girl.


Or these two adorable new friends we met along the way.


Or our relentless journey in search of the perfect food.


But what made this trip truly unforgettable were the friendly strangers of Taiwan.

The one who called our hotel owner to pick us up from his restaurant downhill when we did not dare to brave the mountain roads…


And drove us uphill when we were stranded once again in his restaurant on a foggy night the very next day.

The concierge of a hotel at Sun Moon Lake who agreed to drive us back to our hostel when we were stuck outside at night 7 km away from our hotel with no means to return except by foot.


The taxi driver who gave us recommendation to Fu Hang Dou Jiang, one of the best and non-touristy soy milk stalls in Taipei.

No tourists, just endless line of locals.

And of course the friendly stranger with paws who stole my heart right away.


He started following us the moment he saw us dragging our luggage at the road side and accompanied us loyally for a whole half-hour while we were waiting for our bus.

He even barked at any passers by who came close to my friend.


And did not object too much when we wanted to take a selfie with him.

Although he seemed more interested in licking my face.

I have been to Taiwan four times, and the locals have never failed to amaze me with their genuine hospitality. This is what makes Taiwan special in my eyes, setting them apart from other destinations in Asia.

So thank you Taiwan, for all your lovely, friendly strangers.

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