Best looking bus stop in Tromsø.

I am so behind my travel writing that before I know it, it is Christmas Eve. Since everything is closed here in Oslo (and pretty much the whole of Europe, probably), I decided to finally tie myself down on a chair in my hotel room and write.

The problem is, I don’t even know where to begin. Should I start from the time when I flew from Aarhus to Shanghai just for the weekend? Or my perfect weekend in Stockholm celebrating Santa Lucia? Or when my room got broken into by two thieves? Or when I was caught in snow blizzards with some friends in Copenhagen?

But since it is Christmas, I have decided to talk about something happy and share with you a little secret for a beautiful photo spot in Tromsø (and also because I don’t have all the pictures from the other trips in my computer), which we discovered by accident while taking the bus from Hamna to Tromsø city centre.

In a bid to see the Northern Lights from the comfort of our room, I had decided to book an Airbnb flat away from the city lights. But the problem with that was that in order to reach most of the attractions in the city (including to go for a tour to see the Northern Lights), we had to take a 30-minute bus ride. And because of the remote location, the public transport route did not exist in Google Map. Thank goodness our Airbnb host was extremely helpful and Norwegian people are as willing to help strangers as Danish people that we managed to locate the obscure bus stop amidst the pile of snow that covered the city.

Our bus stop was just round the corner from this bend.

Oh, and add the fact that the Airbnb flat (and its view) was really worth the hassle.

This picture was snapped from our terrace.

But anyway, back to my Christmas present to you, the secret photo spot. I shall not hold the suspense any longer: it’s at Petersborggata bus stop. Yes, you read that right, a bus stop. If you take bus 28 (the only one connecting Hamna and the city centre I suppose), you will find this unassuming sign on a slope that actually boasts one of the best views of the city.


And if you just cross the road from this sign, you will be greeted with this view.


In a city where the sun does not rise for a few months in the winter, we were lucky to discover the bus stop when there was still some light during the ‘day’. I’m glad we decided to get down at the stop in a whim (and I MIGHT have forgotten my backpack in the bus because I was too enchanted by the view. Good thing my sister knew me and my clumsiness all too well and realised that I had of course left my bag with all my possessions in a rush to get down). We stood there at the slope just admiring the view and ended up snapping pictures for the next 30 minutes.

And of course, being Asian, I had to pose with it.


The Petersborggata bus stop is just 2 stops away from Wito, one of the busiest stops in the city. If you are ever this up north in the world, do visit the bus stop for a view that will take your breath away.


Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you have a great one!


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