The accidental discovery of Thun.

Sometimes the best things in life come unexpectedly. This is why I love travelling and not planning in too much detail into it. I would normally have a rough idea or two of what I want to do in a city, leaving room for surprises.

When we planned the trip to Interlaken, I did not know what we would do in the city itself apart from heading to Jungfraujoch early in the morning for the second day.

So in the afternoon, we decided to take the Thunersee Lake Cruise departing from Interlaken West. The journey itself was beautiful, cruising along beautiful mountains and cottages nestled along the slopes.

thun2 thun1

But what was waiting at the end of the journey was equally wonderful. I had never even heard of Thun before this. When we took the train from Bern to Interlaken, I only brushed it off as one of the train stations in the middle of nowhere. However, it was actually a pretty little town with population of about 42,000 people. There were hardly any international tourists there – it seemed much more widely popular with the locals.

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Sunset from Schindellegi.

There is something about sunsets that is entrancing – the blue sky tinted with orange streaks before turning into complete darkness. The sky is always beautiful when you see it from just about anywhere. And when you watch it from the hilltop at Schindellegi, accompanied by the fragrant smell of fresh grass and an unobstructed view of Lake Zürich, it is infinitely more charming.

schindellegi2 schindellegi1

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Header of the Month: Thunersee Cruise, Interlaken.

Life is made of many beautiful moments. If you are not careful, they might just pass you by and you may not even realise it. Sometimes though you can be lucky and capture those moments in photographs.

switzcruise1 (2)And when that happens, share for the world to see, so they can all know how beautiful the world, and of course life, is.