The End.

We all lead very interesting lives. Otherwise we would all fall asleep throughout the day because of how boring things are.

Having said that, we can only appreciate it once we have time to take in the things around us, things that we have gone through. For me, a huge part of my life’s excitement comes from travelling, a habit I picked up since 2009 when I went to live abroad in Copenhagen.

But recently, another excitement, very much more tangible, came to my life.

On 1st December 2013, I purchased a beauty. I have yet to give her a name, but everyone who owns the same machine calls her Yoga Pro 2. It has got the most stunning display of 3200×1800 in resolution, a solid black inner body and a silver chassis. It is light, of mere 1.3 kg, a good battery life (though not the best I have to admit) and powerful processor.

But all that said, I’m not here to give a tech review of my newly acquired Ultrabook, which coincidentally, is one of my best buys of the year. (The other one was a meal at this Korean restaurant at my office called Bibigo which came with a free colourful drink and won me a trip for two to Seoul. But that’s another story altogether.) I am perfectly unqualified for that – the tech review, not the free trip winner.

Instead, I’m here to put an end to my long procrastinated resolution: to have a travel blog. This is now the end of my age-old excuse of not owning a proper laptop on my own to write. No more excuse of not having a laptop to write. No more excuse of being very inconvenient to write a lengthy post from my phone.

I guess it will be challenging, juggling my time between having a full-time job and maintaining a proper blog. But looking back, I have been reasonably good at maintaining my online presence. Save for my travelpod account, which is a cool dedicated travel blog website but somehow does not quite hit it with me, I have consistently been updating my social network sites.

I hope to one day scroll down the many posts in this blog and smile to myself at all the happy memories (or more likely laugh at all the stupid things I did or cringe while reading my own writing).

So it begins…

(But before that, here are glimpses of my beauty.)

Clearly obsessed with my Ultrabook.
Clearly obsessed with my Ultrabook.
Inner beauty
Inside look.

Oh, and Happy Christmas everyone! 🙂

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